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A Little Hope for the Late Night Worrier

A Little Hope for the Late Night Worrier

It’s late, isn’t it? Why are you still up?

Oh, I get it. Yeah, it’s hard to sleep when you have all that on your mind. Things haven’t exactly gone the way you planned, have they? You had this picture of everything working out and life, as it’s known to do, just took a hammer to it all. You’re left with a mess and a whole lot of questions.

Now what? What are you to do with all these broken pieces?

You are more than welcomed to shake your fist at the sky, curse your bad luck, and wallow in a haze of cheap wine and terrible Netflix B-movies (that was a little too specific, and don’t ask me how).

You can bury yourself in your to-do list. I’m sure there are clothes hanging up in the closet that need to be ironed again.

You can zone out on your phone, forever scrolling up and down, swiping side to side, never truly finding what you’re looking for.

I’m okay with all of that… just so long as you do me this one favor.

Tomorrow morning, get up and try again.

See, here’s the secret to the whole game. The only thing that separates failure from success is effort. It’s that one more one last try, and often times, all it requires is that you open your eyes in the morning and decide that you will give today another go.

I’m not even talking about carpe diem or running 10 miles by 7 a.m. (although if you do those sorts of things, I am cheering you on). Just get up. Get out of bed. Decide that yesterday is finished and maybe, just maybe, this new day is worth you being fully here.

You know what that looks like? Hope. Strength. Courage, for sure.

As for tonight, I hope that sleep eventually finds you. Either way, when the sun comes up, pour that cup of coffee, turn on some music, and do whatever else you need to do to get moving. Who knows? This could be the day it all turns around, but you’ll never know unless you try.


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